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Winkie Pratney's most popular book ever is now available.

The principals taught in this manual for discipleship have changed thousands of lives. These principals are still as important to living a victorious Christian life and leading others to victory in Christ as they were when the book first appeared in 1967.

Get the "Teacher's Edition" from your friends here at Ministry Of Helps. This edition is 8½" X 11" and is coilbound to lay flat on table or desk. There is ample room around the text for notes, as well.


Youth Aflame!
$18.73 USD + S&H

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Or get the "Student Edition." Slightly smaller at 8" X 10," this is a paperback version. It has all the same content but without the large margins around the edges of the pages for taking notes. Being a paperback it also won't open and lay flat like the Teacher's Edition will. But it is less expensive and may be the one for you.

Paperback Version
$13.99 USD + S&H

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