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You may cut and paste either of these bios for your promotional needs.

Short Bio

William ("Winkie") A. Pratney

Winkie Pratney is a Youth Evangelist, Author, and Researcher from Auckland, New Zealand. With a background in analytical research chemistry, Pratney’s conversion and calling to minister to the young led him to a series of studies to find some of the fundamental keys in motive and message that marked off some of God’s heroes in revival history. After more than three million miles of global travel, and having spoken to hundreds of thousands face-to-face and multiple millions via radio and television, for five decades he has helped challenge and inspire people to holy and happy living. His writings (such as "Youth Aflame!," "Revival—Principles to Change the World," and "Fire On The Horizon") and helping helm the recently-released Revival Study Bible (NKJV) reflect a lifelong passion to see each new generation have an ongoing and transforming encounter with the living God.

Extended Bio

William ("Winkie") A. Pratney

After more than three million miles of global travel and sometimes speaking to more than half-a-million annually, Winkie has wide experience in motivating leaders, ministers, educators and young people. Winkie is a mavin, a researcher, and public communicator with ability to take existing ideas, break them down to simpler forms and make them practical and freely available to others. His technical background in organic research chemistry has helped him analyze the bottom line of many key areas as diverse as popular youth culture, music, movies, classic and modern revival history, and emerging communication and information technology.

Leadership training for youth workers in Europe, North America, and the Pacific made him an advisor and consultant to church, civic, educational, government, and social welfare leaders on the needs and problems of modern teenagers.

A featured speaker and guest on both radio and television talk shows in both New Zealand and the United States, his wealth of knowledge combined with a keen sense of humor has made him a favorite among adults and youth alike.

Winkie has authored fifteen published books including manuals like the best-selling "Youth Aflame!," the contemporary devotional apologetic, "The Nature And Character Of God" (used in Bible schools around the world), books on contemporary and historical issues like "Devil Take The Youngest - The War on Childhood," "Healing the Land - A Supernatural View of Ecology," "Revival - Principles to Change the World," and many other published works. He helped helm the new ground-breaking international Revival Study Bible, with over a hundred contributors from many streams of the church, the first to contain stories, segments, and studies from 2,000 years of revival, evangelism, and missions history gleaned from multiple nations, callings, and visitations. His audio and video lectures are carried by many effective Christian youth ministries, and his materials have been used to train hundreds of thousands around the globe. Winkie's materials have been used in Australia, Canada, South Korea, The Philippines, The United States, Mexico, New Zealand, and Russia. Some have been translated into other languages (such as Spanish, Korean, and Russian). He and his son Williams' innovative youth training work "The Daniel Files," along with many other resources, are available on-line in digital format.

Having spoken in annual leadership training seminars for over four decades, and to young people for at least five, Winkie has worked with many leading international youth movements including Campus Life, Champions For Christ, Operation Mobilization, Masters Commission, Teen Challenge, Teen Mania, Youth With A Mission, Young Life and Youth Alive. He has appeared numerous times as a featured speaker at large conferences, festivals, and other gatherings. His "scholarship on fire" approach has impacted millions around the globe, and, at times, resulted in the creation or formation of new groups that effectively reach, encourage and train young people.

Winkie Pratney's Specific Tech Needs (for Speaking Engagements)

For your tech crew: Winkie will need:

  • An XLR input and power outlet for his own headset microphone (Sampson Airline that works on 643.375 Mhz bandwidth; 100 foot range). If this is unacceptable please provide for him a DOUBLE LOOP* headset mic.
  • Music Stand (adjustable) for notes/Bible
  • Small Table/Additional Music Stand or pulpit/podium for his laptop (something sturdy and quite high up that can bring the laptop near his face so he can easily read it)
  • VGA or DVI input up the front for his Laptop (so he can control video files [Power Point, etc.] himself personally. (If this is not at all possible, we can give you JPGs & PPTs via USB drive to run from the back.)
  • And, if (easily) doable - an additional XLR input from stage for his DI box which connects via 1/8" to his laptop so he can play audio files.

*Winkie prefers DOUBLE-ear loop wireless radio microphones because of his glasses.

Here are some photos fro you to choose from. Right-click for larger images for printing.

Winkie Closeup Winkie Headshot

Winkie & Fae

William William

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