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These DVDS, books, and music available from our partners at Amazon.


Methods Of Guidance
Contract On Children
Leaving Egypt

Youth Aflame!
Devil Take the Youngest
Counterfeit Conversion
Me Or Adam?
The Daniel Files

Fire on the Horizon
The Nature and Character of God
Dealing With Doubt: When the Light Goes Out (AKA "The Thomas Factor")
The Thomas Factor (AKA "Dealing With Doubt" the original title.)
Doorways to Discipleship
A Handbook for Followers of Jesus
Youth Aflame: Manual for Discipleship
Devil Take the Youngest
Revival: Its Principles and Personalities
Revival: Principles to Change the World
Healing the Land: A Supernatural View OF Ecology
Star Wars, Star Trek: And the 21st Century Christians5
Ultimate CORE: Church on the Radical Edge3
The Return
Counterfeit Conversion7
Fuego En El Horizonte
El Joven Y Sus Dilemas
El Joven Y Su Dios
El Joven Y Su Mundo
El Joven Y Sus Amigos
Guía Para El Discipulado: Tomos 1, 2 Y 3

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