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Appendix B: Master Book List Of Great Biographies


Faith The Cross & The Switchblade David Wilkerson
Revival Autobiography/Charles G. Finney Bethany
John Wesley Strangely Warmed Gary Lean
Salvation Born Again Charles Coulsen
Evangelism The General Next To God Richard Collier
Triumph Joni Joni Eareckson
Missionary Through Gates Of Splendor Elizabeth Elliot
Faith God's Smuggler Brother Andrew
Prayer Amazing Incidents G. C. Bevington
Faith Happiest People On Earth Demos Shakarian
Reality A Man Called Peter Catherine Marshall
Reality A Taste Of New Wine Keith Miller
Love Catherine Booth Catherine Bramwell Booth
Reality Ben Israel Arthur Katz
Power Portrait Of a Prophet C. W. Hall
Healing Daughter Of Destiny Jamie Buckingham
Salvation Run, Baby, Run Nicky Cruz
Hope & Love A Severe Mercy Sheldon Vanauken
Dedication Vanya Myrna Grant
Missions The Peace Child Don Richardson

Appendix C: Master Book List Of Apologetics Readings


General Apologetics Norman Geisler
Gen. Outline Theology The Heart Of Truth Charles G. Finney
Apologetics/Secular Man Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis
Theology Systematic Theology Charles G. Finney
Bible Criticism More Evidence That Demands A Verdict Josh McDowall
Anthropology Noah's Three Sons Arthur C. Custance
Philosophy He Is There and He Is Not Silent Francis Schaeffer
Kingdom of God The Unshakeable Kingdom/Unchanging Christ E. Stanley Jones
Divinity of Christ More Than A Carpenter Josh McDowall
Moral Government The God They Never Knew George Otis Jr.
Freedom of Choice God's Strategy In Human History Forster & Marsden
Resurrection Who Moved The Stone? Frank Morrison
Gen.Overview Christianity On Trial Gen. Ed
Freedom of God The Suffering of God Terence Freitham
Bible Theology Sharing Your Faith Gordon C. Olson
Jesus & The Bible Evidence That Demands A Verdict Josh McDowall
Cults The Kingdom Of The Cults Walter Martin
Soteriology Today's Gospel:Authentic Or Synthetic? Walter Chantry
Atonement Understanding The Atonement John Driver

Appendix D: Master Book List Of Christian Thought


Secret of God's Creation The Trinity In The Universe Nathan Wood
Principles of Revival Lectures On Revivals Of Religion Charles G. Finney
Why Christianity is True Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis
God, Man, & Salvation Systematic Theology Charles G. Finney
Bio. of Booth & Salvation Army The General Next To God Richard Collier
Mankind  Made by God Noah's Three Sons Arthur C. Custance
Philosophy & Bible God He Is There and He Is Not Silent Francis Schaeffer
Kingdom of God The Unshakeable Kingdom E. Stanley Jones
Knowing God & His nature Knowledge Of The Holy A.W. Tozer
Hindrances to Revival Why Revival Tarries Leonard Ravenhill
Living Sermons Mr. Jones Meet The Master Peter Marshall
Materialism in Church The Golden Cow John White
Greatness of God Creation In Christ George MacDonald
Call to Repentance Reality: The Hope Of Glory Arthur Katz
Practical Christianity Disciple Juan Carlos Ortiz
Sacrifice & Challenge True Discipleship William MacDonald
Prayer Principles Power Through Prayer E.M. Bounds
Greatness of God Our Own God George D. Watson
How Jesus Witnessed The Master Plan Of Evangelism Robert E. Coleman
Why God does what He does The Philosophy Of The Plan of Salvation J.B. Walker

Appendix E: Master Book List Of Works On Prayer


Authority in Prayer Destined For The Throne Paul E. Billheimer
Authority in Prayer Prayer Is Invading The Impossible Jack Hayford
Authority in Prayer The Mightiest Force in The World Frank Laubach
Analysis (Devotional) The Hidden Life of Prayer D. M. Mc'Intyre
Analysis (Biblical) All The Prayers of the Bible Herbert Lockyer
Practics Handle With Prayer Charles F. Stanley
Practics The Best of E.M. Bounds E. M. Bounds
Principles How To Pray R. A. Torrey
Principles Principles of Prayer C. G. Finney
Examples The Prayers Of Peter Marshall Catherine Marshall
Conversational Prayer Prayer: Conversing With God Rosalind Rinker
Learning Prayer With Christ In The School of Prayer Andrew Murray
Biography Rees Howells: Intercessor Norman Grubb
Biography Praying Hyde Francis A. McGaw
Biography Remarkable Incidents G. C. Bevington
Intercession (General) Revival Praying Leonard Ravenhill
Intercession (General) Power Through Prayer E.M. Bounds
Intercession (Missions) Operation World P. J. Johnstone
Examples of Prayer A Treasury of Prayer Leonard Ravenhill
Examples in History Praying To Change The World Series Gordon Lindsay



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