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PO Box 1835
Lindale, TX 75771-1835
Phone: 903-570-8859


The MOH Vision

Ministry of Helps began more than 15 years ago. It’s primary mission - to preserve and promote the work of Winkie Pratney. The column below and on the left lists a few of the things we have done so far. The column below and to the right lists some of the things we are still working to accomplish.

  • Launched in 1995 and started making Winkie Tracts and video sessions available for FREE online.
  • Provided administrative support for the Pratneys for close to 15 years.
  • Came under the covering of Gates of Life, Inc in 2000 and so enjoy 501(c)3 status.
  • Launched in 2004.
  • Started in 2005
  • Re-published “Youth Aflame”
  • Re-published “Revival”
  • Re-published“Devil Take theYoungest.”
  • Partnering with YWAM Tyler, opened and maintain Winkie’s Revival Library.
  • Began importing and distributing the Revival Study Bible in 2010.
  • Finish rescuing and digitizing almost 200 video sessions donated by Last Days Ministries.
  • Re-publish ALL of Winkie’s out-of-print books using on-demand publishing.
  • Make Winkie’s video sessions available on Amazon as physical product.
  • Create a network of prayer warriors who will uphold the Pratneys and their ministry as well as MOH up in prayer continually.
  • Begin communicating regularly with those who want to know about and use Winkie’s materials.
  • Build a support base of those who are interested in helping to grow this materials distribution ministry.
  • Distribute the Revival Study Bible as widely as possible.

What you can do to help!

Sign up to receive regular communication and prayer requests from Ministry of Helps by sending an email to:

Invite an MOH spokesperson to your church, cell group, or organizaiton to learn more about the vision of growing this ministry of materials distribution based on Winkie’s body of work.

Sponsor an especially loved book, video session or series as we move from on demand publishing to in house publishing and distribution.

Support Winkie’s ministry and the efforts of MOH by giving a one time gift or by supporting the efforts on a monthly basis.

MOH is a division of Gates of Life, Inc.

Now Ministry of Helps is forming strategic partnerships with like-minded people and ministries to accomplish our goals for prayer, projects, promotion, and provision.


Prayer warriors desperately needed to:

  • Pray for revival & that God will use Winkie and his work to help fuel that revival.
  • Pray for the Pratneys and especially for health and endurance for ministry.
  • Pray for wisdom & direction for both Winkie & MOH through provision, inspiration and relationship.
  • Be available for ongoing communication and spiritual air cover by becoming part of the MOH Air Cover Team. (ACT)


The Goal - to reclaim and make available Winkie’s entire body of work

  • Finish the huge job of salvaging and digitizing all the LDM video sessions.
  • Make those video sessions available as physical product to purchase online.
  • Scan and re-publish ALL of Winkies out-of-print books through on-demand publishing.
  • Build a small building to house the video edit bay, sound studio, and admin office.
  • Choose most sought after Winkie books to reprint through MOH publishing.


Tapping into the huge network of those who love Winkie and his work

  • Create a mailing list of those who want to hear what is going on.
  • Send regular communication about what is available and what we are working on.
  • Visit churches and other ministries to share the vision of the Revival Study Bible & MOH distribution.
  • Use Facebook, YouTube, and all our relevant web sites to help make sure all these materials can be found online.
  • Ask those who catch the vision for help getting the word out about MOH distribution.


To create a Ministry of Materials Distribution that will support itself and the Pratneys, here’s what we prayerfully believe that we need.

  • An operating budget of between $8,000 and $10,000 a month. This will support both the local offices, the Revival Library, help provide for those that do the work and take care of the Pratney’s US expenses.
  • A dependable vehicle for visiting churches to promote the ministry and running errands.
  • Several 20’ or one or more 40’ shipping containers and other building materials. This is to create office/studio space and get offices out of our private homes.
  • Volunteers to help man the Revival Library. We are currently only able to keep it open a few afternoons a week.
  • Committed prayer warriors and donors who will stand with us to see this vision become a reality.
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